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last updated october 2014
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i am happy to do what I do in the glow of this benevolent mystery.

and what am i doing these days ?

Sous la Colline, a novel for la volte (out november 2015)

The last storyteller, a performance with Jeff Mills at the Louvre (4/10/2015)

Constellations #1, Dans le Stade (with popcube), self-published on Gumroad

La Pythie de la Capelette, for La Brousse

KWAAN, a pixel pagan tiny online adventure for Ankama Canada

World of YO-HO, a post digital game for Volumique (on Kickstarter !)

Onirigami, a post-digital adventure game for Tourmaline

Orfi in Beulah, a webcomic